Precast Concrete Specifications

If you are looking to utilize precast concrete for your next building project, you will want to look at some specifications. This here is just a brief overview. The precast concrete company pittsburgh website will have some product information for you to go through. Due consideration will also be given to wall types if walls are going to be part of your building plan. Along with the product information, a brief sketch of possible product details will be given. Quite importantly perhaps, you will also need to look at the materials under selection.

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Product information takes a look at specialty precasting work as well as concrete block alternatives. Both are, however, delivered to a construction site for installation. Precast concrete is prepared within a climate controlled facility before being delivered to the building site. The regulation of climate during manufacturing processes helps maintain consistencies in the quality of products being delivered to sites.

Two types of wall panels are in general use, but at five different heights. The wall panels in use are frost wall and foundation wall. Frost wall panels are used under garages and porches, and as crawl spaces. These panels can be three or five feet in height. Custom heights can also be manufactured for heights less than ten feet in order to accommodate multilevel structures. But typically used panel lengths will remain below twelve feet. 

The exterior finish of a concrete block is generally flat with a textured finish. Its overall thickness is eleven inches. The interior of the concrete block is partially studded with concrete studs appearing every two feet. Each concrete stud manifests as a galvanized twenty-five-gauge drywall stud.

The preparation of each concrete panel begins with a monolithic pour. A consistent batch of fiber reinforced concrete is always used.